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"Kelsey is a true master events manager. She is a gifted planner and organizer, but she also has the rare passion and ability to make sure that every event has all those little things that make attendees say, “Wow!” She is always striving to find new ways to make sure the goals of each event are surpassed.

In addition to her never say quit work ethic, she also understands that one of the secrets to a successful event is bringing all the different support groups together to form a true team. It is impressive how quickly banquet staff, A.V. vendors, decorators all quickly come around Kelsey and will go above and beyond to make sure her event is awesome. In turn, Kelsey is diligent at making sure that each of them feels appreciated and respected.

With Kelsey in charge of an event, you can be assured that it will be amazing and within budget."

Scott Allison
Vice President and Director of Marketing

John Wiley & Sons

Beautiful event centerpiece from a recent event.

"Kelsey is the most detail oriented, timely and organized event manager that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She was an incredible partner to plan with allowing us to be creative with their food and beverage selections to really wow the guests. We had a few space challenges in the beginning with the size of the group, but with her flexibility and creativity, we were able to put together a spotless production."

Tarah Pike

Loews Hotels

Planning tablesettings for an upcoming event.

"We have been the recipient of the founders’ work for many years, and Kelsey is phenomenal at what she does. She thinks of everything needed to create a memorable guest experience, she is a true foodie, she knows great music, and knows how to match venues to the occasion. She connects with independent contractors that deliver first rate services in the cities they serve. No request is too inconvenient for her as I recently challenged her with my own dietary requests. And most importantly, she treats your budget as if it were her own. If you are looking for “an experience” that your guests will want to emulate, call Lynn David events!"

Mary Anne Davis

Peak Performance Solutions

Audio/Visual design is an important part of the event's overall presentation.

"I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Kelsey on 5 large programs during a two year span. Kelsey is not only fun to work with, she is also one of the most organized meeting professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with.


As a supplier partner, I knew exactly what was needed for her events, thanks to her meticulous pre planning. In all of my years and hundreds of events, I have never had such a clear understanding of the goals, objectives and needs for a meeting, as I had working with Kelsey. This ensures that the client is getting exactly what they want/need, saving time and money."

Patrick Brochu

Media Stage

An eye-catching main stage setup is a great way to kick off any event.
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