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Classy Ways to Incorporate Beer into your next Event

Wine gets all the attention at a typical corporate dinner or special event. Why aren’t beer pours offered table-side with dinner? “Would you care for the Stout or the IPA?” Break free from the ordinary and let beer share the limelight at your next event. Here are a few easy ways you can elevate your dinner, reception, or gathering with beer. #beer

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Go Local

Take your bar offerings to a new level asking the venue to source craft beers from local breweries. Make sure the bartender is familiar with the beers and can speak to attendees about where they come from. Out-of-towners will appreciate having a taste of the local culture. You can take it a step further and reach out to the breweries yourself. Let them know that you’d like to feature their brews at your event. Depending on the size and scale of your program, you may be able to get some free samples, signage, or promotional items donated.

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Dessert Beer Pairing

It’s very common to incorporate wine pairings at events. It is lovely to enjoy a bold red wine with the perfect pungent cheese at a reception and wonderful meals are often finished with a dessert wine or port. Take dessert to a new and interesting level and bring in the beer! Pair bite-sized desserts with tastings of beer for an interactive way to wrap up the event.

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IPA and other Pale Ales pair well with caramel and ginger flavors as well as desserts that are caramelized or toasted like bananas foster, crème brulee, and bread pudding. Stouts that would overpower many main dishes stand up well to desserts with dark chocolate like truffles or dark chocolate and raspberry mousse. Hefeweizen and wheat beers pair well with very light flavored desserts like fruit trifle, panna cotta, and strawberry shortcake.

Once you’ve chosen the food and beer to feature, make it interactive and bring in an expert (see my next point!) that can teach your attendees a thing or two about their favorite beverage.

Partner with a Certified Cicerone

You may be asking, what is a cicerone? Cicerones are the sommeliers of beer. Like a good sommelier, a cicerone can partner with clients to create a unique beverage experience. They are versed in beer flavors from all over the world and have been certified in the brewing process. They are also knowledgeable in pairing food with the best brews and the proper way to handle and serve beer. Bringing in an expert can transform drinking beer into an informative, interactive, and educational experience. A great resource to locate an expert or to look into starting down the path of becoming certified yourself is

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Don’t Neglect the Non-Beer Drinkers

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to put out a Public Service Announcement and help my fellow gluten-free event attendees. Highlighting beer at an event is a great idea. Only offering beer is not. Not everyone likes, or can drink, beer. Always make sure to offer a wine or a cider option as well as non-alcoholic beverages to makes sure everyone is taken care of and can enjoy your event.

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